Friday, 21 January 2011

Jorjus Jeans

Well this is not the usual blog entry, this is something very special. My daughter has been working hard making this bag using an old pair of jeans as her base.  She has stitched her words so beautifully using stem stitch and my candlewicking thread. I  made her the big beautiful flower using my Big Shot and Circles #2 die.  Flowers is the theme on this side of the bag.
 And the other side is hearts. The Heart to Heart punch has also been used as a fabric template.  
Well it all got finished, after many patient hours of work, complete with a lovely inside lining with a zipped pocket, ready to use on our day out to Napier yesterday.  We had planned a day out for ages, and it finally happened.  She was given some lovely compliments for her bag.  I am really proud of her efforts and the final finished product.
The inspiration for this flower and the way it is constructed came from a pillow we saw.  I figured this would be a creative way to use the circles, creating them into a flower and using another circle as a centre.  I have yet to see how I can take this principal into card stock.  Hope you have enjoyed sharing another side to the creativity at our home.  There has been lots of thread to vacuum this week.  Did you know how many varied uses the Big Shot really has?? 

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Rhonda said...

What a great bag. Love that each side has a different theme.

bronheslop said...

What a clever chick! Obviously takes after her mamma.....

Keryn Campbell said...

So great to be able to see the photo after your explained it on the phone. Wow! A is mega talented.

Helen Williams said...

Great Bag.
What clever daughter you have.

Frances said...

Great bag! What a lot of love and hard work has gone into it, she deserves all the compliments she gets!